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Angela Barrett  EHDWBA President

I am very proud to have the opportunity to represent EHDWBA for 2024 and look forward to meeting you all during the year. I could never have imagined when as a little girl going to a garden party in my grandfather’s house to celebrate his Presidency of the E B A that over 60 years later I would be following in his footsteps (in a much lesser way I might add!).

My charity for the year is First Steps-ED.  It was founded in 2004 by a former sufferer of an eating disorder as a teenager.  She began to raise awareness of eating disorders within the local community and soon other people attended the self-help group wanting to help.  She now continues to develop as a non-profit making organisation with people who have experienced eating disorders personally or cared for other.  They offer help and support for both sufferers and their families for all aspects of eating disorders.

I have experienced firsthand the trauma that this illness brings to both the person involved and their family and hope that you will give generously to this very well worth cause.  Thank you.

Good Luck to everyone in all their Competitions both County, East Herts and National throughout the year.

My thanks must go to both Hertford Bowls Club and my family for their support and I wish everyone a very happy and successful season.

Angie Barrett, President 2024

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